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Location of Photo:

Travel place near village Radibush (Bortle 3), North Macedonia

Date/Time of photo:

Sep 7, 2021


Telescope: SharpStar Askar FRA400 with 0.7 reducer (focal length 280 mm), ZWO ASI183MM Pro; Guiding: ZWO ASI174MM Mini and ZWO OAG; AsiAir Pro; iOptron CEM40EC; Filters Chroma. Exposures: Luminance 20x180" (2h 42') and 6x300" (30') Bin1; Red, Green and Blue, 6x300" (50') Bin2 each; H-alpha 5x600" (50') Bin1.


This spiral galaxy is located in the constellation Triangulum at a distance of approximately 3 million light-years from Earth. It is about half the size of our Milky Way galaxy and is the third-largest member of our Local Group of galaxies following the Andromeda galaxy and the Milky Way. Triangulum galaxy is oriented with its face toward us revealing its well-defined spiral structure.