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Jean-Claude Merlin

Location of Photo:

Le Creusot (Burgundy, France) and Sierra Nevada Mountains (California, USA)

Date/Time of photo:

2018 November 06 - mid exposure 13h20 UT


26-cm reflector F/6 and iTelescope.Net 61-cm reflector F/6.5


Two images of comet 38P/Stephan-Oterma taken 38 years apart. This comet has a period of about 38 years. Image at left is a classic photograph taken on 1980 December 28 : 14min30s exposure on Kodak 103aF film beginning at 19h45 UT with a 26-cm reflector F/6 near Le Creusot (Burgundy, France). The comet is North-West of the open cluster M36 in Auriga. Image at right is a CCD image taken on 2018 November 06 : 10-minute exposure beginning at 13h15 UT tracked on the comet motion with a FLI CCD camera and luminance filter. With iTelescope.Net 61-cm reflector F/6.5 at Sierra Nevada Mountains (California, USA). North is up.




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