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Robert Stephens

Location of Photo:

Pakwach, Uganda

Date/Time of photo:

11/3/2013 5:19 pm


Canon G12


This was the culmination of a truly epic day. On the way to the eclipse site, we had to ford a flooded road. Then, the Ugandan President decided to visit our predetermined eclipse viewing site causing us to go to a secondary location. Then clouds built over the sun in the late after noon causing us to abandon that site with 20 minutes to go. We rushed 3 km through a traffic jam to get out from under the clouds, where we saw the eclipse through thin cirrus. That was an advantage to me because I was able to see the 15 km wide shadow of the moon projected onto the cirrus clouds, which I would not otherwise be able to see. This image was taken with a point and shoot camera I had around my neck, which I had programed to take a sequence of three bracket images.


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