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Victor C. Rogus

Location of Photo:

Jadwin, Missouri

Date/Time of photo:

04/30/2013 at 22:07:01 Local Time


I used a Cannon 60Da camera on a Losmandy G-8 mount an 18mm Zeiss lens at F3.5 an ISO of 1000 and an exposure of 125 seconds was used.


A lovely night here in the backwoods of Jadwin, Missouri, the sky is dark and clear with a little wind whispering through the pines. Barred owls hoot in the distance and it is comfortably warm. I set up a camera in hopes of catching a meteor before the Moon rises and distorts the clear view of outer space. Ursa Major catches my eye as "The Big Dipper" hangs upside down in the North and I decide to try my luck there. Meteors have come to me there before, so why not now? After a bit, I realize I have caught one, just below (or above) the bowl of the dipper! Pleased with my luck, I decide to call it a night.


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