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Location of Photo:

Skaha Lake, Penticton, BC, Canada.

Date/Time of photo:

This photo was taken on August 10, 2020 at 11:40pm.


I used a Canon 7D on a tripod with a Canon EFS 10-18mm lens at 10mm and f/4.5. This image represents a single 30 second exposure at ISO 1600. Post-processing was completed using DeepSkyStacker and Photoshop.


This picture depicts the Milky Way, a Perseid meteor, as well as Jupiter and Saturn as viewed from the north shore of Skaha Lake in BC's Okanagan region. The meteor shower radiant was rising directly behind me as I was taking this photo, but that direction of the sky was heavily light-polluted, and didn't also feature the Milky Way as well as Jupiter and Saturn. I took many more frames of the same scene over a three day period, but facing away from the radiant reduced my chances of recording meteors. It turned out that this was the only shot that actually had a bright meteor on it!


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