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Don Davis



Location of Photo:

Palm Springs

Date/Time of photo:

3H25m-4H12m UT 2/20


6' dynascope, 10X50 binocculars and naked eye used to sketch color and brightness variations within the earth shadow. The resulting color notes, drawn over printed full moon photos, were used, with video frames of various exposures as reference, to create photoshop paintings conveying my visual impression.


These drawings represent observations made once the sky cleared to the end of totality. Most lunar eclipse photos overrepresent the orange to red colors at the expense of other portions of the spectrum when thay can be detected visually. In this eclipse the observed shadow colors were very 'conventional' neutral gray border to dull yellow to muted orange to dull rusty red-brown, with no sky blue border regions or local regions of distinct colors such as seen in the August 28 and numerous earlier events.


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