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Location of Photo:

Waterton Lakes National Park

Date/Time of photo:

8302022 11:26pm


Canon R5, Tamron 15-30mm f2.8 lens, a very old IP[tron SkyTracker


The Milky Way shines over the boundary between Waterton Lakes National Parks in Canada and Glacier National Park in the US. There are three lakes (left to right) Lake Wurdeman (US), Lake Nooney (US), and Summit Lake (Can.). Chapman and MT Custer back the two US lakes. The area around summit lake and much of the right side are lighter because this area burnt in 2017 during the Kenow Wildfire which burnt 38% of Waterton Lakes National Park. FG: three images ISO 800, f2.8, 25mm, 480 sec, averaged in PS Sky: tracked three image panorama, ISO 800, 2.8, 480s