Space Missions

NASA Ends Mars Ingenuity Helicopter Mission

NASA’s ground-breaking Ingenuity helicopter, part of the Perseverance mission, comes to a rest on the Red Planet.

Raised Ridges

Astronomy in Space with David Dickinson

Mars Helicopter Scouts Risky Terrain for Perseverance Rover

The Ingenuity Mars helicopter has proven itself a valuable asset to Perseverance, scouting out terrain that the rover can't cross.


Astronomy in Space with David Dickinson

NASA's Ingenuity Mars Helicopter Enters New Phase of Flight

After a successful first month of flights, Ingenuity will continue to fly through Martian skies on an extended mission designed to test operations.


Solar System

Ingenuity Mars Helicopter: First Flight on Mars

NASA’s Ingenuity Mars Helicopter has made its brief hop into the history books of interplanetary aviation.


Astronomy in Space with David Dickinson

Ingenuity Mars Helicopter Set for Historic Flight

NASA is getting ready to deploy Ingenuity, the first helicopter mission to take to alien skies.