M35 in Gemini

Deep Sky

Explore the Winter Hexagon

This expansive region is home to plenty of bright stars and deep-sky wonders.

Daylight Phenomena

How to See Sirius in the Daytime

Spotting Sirius in broad daylight may be easier than you think! Here's how to do it.

Sirius with tiny Sirius B (just above the upper-left diffraction spike).


Will Sirius Disappear on February 18th?

On Monday night, February 18th, observers in the western U.S. and Mexico may see the occultation of a lifetime when a tiny asteroid momentarily blots out the night sky's brightest star.

Night Sky Sights

Meet Sirius, the Brightest Star

Meet the stars near Earth, starting with the brightest: Sirius, the "Dog Star."

Dog Eat Dog Pair

Explore the Night with Bob King

Sirius B — A New Pup in My Life

Here are some tips on you, too, can see Sirius B, the "Pup" of the Dog Star, Sirius A.

Mystery Object? No, Just Sirius

Explore the Night with Bob King

Why Are There So Many UFOs?

In an age when UFO sightings are rife, we look at other possibilities that may help to explain the strange apparitions many see.

Bright Star An Ancient Link

History and Sky Lore

A Real Scorcher! — Sirius At Heliacal Rising

Make a connection to a time when stars were used to track seasons and predict natural events by watching the heliacal rising of Sirius.