Lunar impact site on the Moon's farside

Space Missions

Booster Set to Hit the Moon Turns Out to be Chinese Rocket (Updates)

The booster previously identified as SpaceX hardware turns out to be from the Chang’e 5-T1 mission. The timing and site of the impact remain the same.

Lunar impact site on the Moon's farside

Space Missions

SpaceX Rocket Booster to Hit the Moon on March 4th

A discarded Falcon 9 upper stage rocket booster will impact Hertzsprung Crater on the lunar farside on March 4th.

Science and Space Policy

What's in the New NASA Budget Proposal

The latest NASA budget proposal would invest in science in a big way, including a large increase in funding for space exploration.

Space Missions

NASA, SpaceX Launch Historic Mission to International Space Station

Crewed spaceflight returns to U.S. soil, with the successful launch of Crew Dragon Demo 2.

Before and after

Imaging Foundations with Richard Wright

Satellites, Begone! Remove Trails from Your Astrophotography

While the growing number of satellites above our heads is a concern, there are ways to mitigate their appearances in deep-sky astrophotography.

SpaceX Falcon Heavy launch

Space Missions

Long-Awaited Falcon Heavy Ready For Business

SpaceX made history on February 6th when the company successfully launched its long-awaited Falcon Heavy rocket from Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

dragon v2 in orbit

Space Missions

SpaceX Announces 2018 Moonshot Mission

SpaceX's surprise announcement envisions humans traveling beyond low-Earth orbit and to the Moon at the end of 2018.