How often have you wished you could have an astronomy expert at your side when trying to find or identify a celestial object? Now you can. We’d like to introduce you to the ultimate observing companion: Sky & Telescope magazine.

Observing Tips
Whether you’re looking for a distant planet, an obscure lunar crater, or a challenging double star, Sky & Telescope gives you the confidence and knowledge you need to locate the celestial objects on your target list. Our exquisite sky charts and clear instructions will guide you across the heavens and make sure you get where you’re going.

Equipment Advice
Although there is plenty to see with the naked eye, it’s binoculars and telescopes that bring the stars and planets up-close and personal. And when it comes to buying new equipment you’re probably unwilling to leave it to chance. You demand the best buying advice you can find. Our product team has unparalleled equipment savvy, with many decades of experience choosing, using, and testing telescopes, eyepieces, binoculars, and cameras. Our reviewers field-test equipment the way you use it, night after night under a variety of conditions, getting a real-world feel for it. Only then do they report on its features, benefits, and drawbacks.

So, buy with confidence! After you read an S&T Test Report you can walk into any telescope store, or browse the Internet, and know that you’re buying the equipment best suited for your needs and budget.

Thorough News Reporting
Observing tips and equipment reviews —they’re the backbone of every issue. But there’s another important component of Sky & Telescope, and it’s one we are very proud of: thorough and unbiased reporting, and most important, accuracy. We know you want more than news and features. You want historical perspective and solid science coverage. And that’s exactly what Sky & Telescope delivers, month after month. Our editors and writers are astronomers and journalists with advanced degrees and decades of experience. They know what questions to ask, and of whom. And they know how to convey the information you need in an engaging and enlightening way, so that you’ll gain not just knowledge, but understanding. Sure, there are other astronomy sources out there, but only Sky & Telescope digs deep to bring you the insight and thoroughness that can’t be found anywhere else.

So, are you ready to enjoy your telescope more and become a better astronomer? Then we’re ready to help you! View a few sample articles from the issue on newsstands now, and subscribe today.


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