From Rate Card #58
Effective May 2019

Specifications & Requirements
The following are instructions for sending digital ads. If you have any questions, please contact our Advertising Coordinator:
Connie Kostrzewa
(718) 318-0995

Acceptable File Formats

PDF Files: (preferred)
Adobe PDF: Must be saved at 300 dpi with no image compression, embed all fonts and save as four-color process, CMYK.

Native Files:
Application Files: Adobe Creative Suite for Mac
Image Files: TIFF, EPS, PSD (For producing image files, we recommend Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator) - Please note that in most cases Sky & Telescope cannot edit these image files.

Please include all fonts used. Do not use localized styling (i.e., Italic or Bold styles applied to Regular, Roman, or Book fonts). Choose font weights and styles directly from the font family. (Example: Use Helvetica Italic rather than Helvetica and selecting the localized styling "Italic.")

It is your choice to send a hard-copy proof with your emailed file (Matchprint, Kodak Approval, Iris accepted for color break and color guidance on press. Color lasers/inkjets accepted for color-break indications only). Black & White proofs may be faxed or mailed. Proofs are due on or before the published materials deadline for the specified issue.

Sky & Telescope is not responsible for the content and appearance (including color variations) of published ads if an accurate hard-copy proof is not supplied.

CMYK color is required for all images/text in your ad file. We do not accept RGB or PANTONE spot colors. If your files use PANTONE colors, please be sure they are "process" and not "spot" colors. Or convert them to CMYK.

DVDs, CDs, e-mail attachments (preferred):
Please label each disk with your company name, the application name version, and information about whom we can contact if we experience problems — along with telephone number, extension, and e-mail address. Also, please select file names that are simple and specific to your advertisement (i.e., if all support files include a reference to your company name, it will help our file management and we will be able to process your ad more effectively).

If your file size exceeds 5 megabytes, please contact us so we can direct you to the best option.

Send materials to:
Sky & Telescope
Advertising Coordinator
5225 Joerns Dr. Suite #2
Stevens Point, WI 54481

E-mail to:

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