As my coworkers and friends know, I’m happy to forward the URL for an interesting and/or useful Web site — or perhaps a fascinating or funny news story. I’ve been careful to avoid becoming one of those special correspondents who sends blanket e-mails about every virus warning, urban legend, and piece of Internet “humor” that he or she comes across. I try to make my communications appropriate.

With this blog, I’ll now be able to do the same to a wider
audience. So what’s the blog about? Nominally, it will focus on
astronomy and the Internet, but it may go into some issues about
astronomical software. The blog will act as a supplement to my Astronomy Online column in Sky & Telescope. I hope to post short notes as well as provide updates to Internet and software-related items that have been previously discussed. Furthermore, I’ll be able to highlight the new features of as they come online.

While I regularly read several blogs (for news, techy, local, and
astronomy info). I certainly don’t read all of them. I treat blogs like television: there are a lot of good shows that I don’t watch because I think I already watch enough TV. I’ll probably point you to some of these blogs, but I also welcome your input about the interesting places you visit online. You can write to me
, or add your voice to the blog comments below. We'll review your comments (to make sure they're family-friendly) and will display them ASAP.



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July 5, 2009 at 10:40 pm


I live in Chicago and tonight, I was thinking about using my telescope but decided just to sit back on my back deck and watch the sky. My deck faces the big dipper directly and something caught my eye about 11.15pm CST. There were two bright orange flaming objects crossing around polaris and heading east by northeast. It took about 5 minutes to cross the sky and disappear over the horizon. I tried to videotape it but wasn't too successful. What did I just see? An artificial satellite burning into the atmosphere?

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