Big Bang Astronomy Club

Big Bang Astronomy Club

Big Bang Astronomy Club
A/o. Shri O. V. Sheth Regional Community Science Centre,
Nehru Udyaan,
Race Course,
360 001
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Neelesh Rana
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The Big Bang Astronomy Club, founded in 2003, is one of the largest amateur astronomy clubs in the country, with a primary focus on astronomy outreach activities. These activities include sidewalk astronomy, star parties, star tours, and Messier marathons. The club is dedicated to promoting the fascination of astronomy and sharing the wonders of the cosmos with the local community.

Every month, from October through May, the club organises Rajkot Moon Watch, a sidewalk astronomy program for the common public to watch the Moon and any other planet that is available in the sky through its telescopes at no cost.

The club has been organising the Messier Marathon in March every year and the Gir Star Party, a two-night affair under dark skies on the outskirts of Gir National Park - the home of Asiatic Lions, twice every year since 2017.

Apart from that, the club regularly organises lectures, workshops and other activities to spread astronomy among the common public.

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