Chagrin Valley Astronomical Society

Chagrin Valley Astronomical Society

15735 Huntley Rd.
Huntsburg Twp.
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Russ Swaney
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The Chagrin Valley Astronomical Society was founded in 1963 for the purposes of increasing the astronomical knowledge and technique of our members and for public service in our community. Our goals are promotion of public education in astronomy, the continuation of useful research, and the preservation of unpolluted skies for future use of both the astronomer and the general public. We own 12 acres of land at 15735 Huntley Rd , in Huntsburg Twp. 44046, where we operate Indian Hill Observatory. The site currently has three observatories that house six telescopes.

The main focus of the CVAS is observing and photographing celestial objects and events. Many members are active in other aspects of astronomy such as: Observing variable stars, telescope making, astrometry etc. Most members have a great interest in the academic side of astronomy and are more than happy to share their knowledge in these areas.

Chagrin Valley Astronomical Society is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

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