Lazzarotti Optics

From Lazzarotti Optics comes the Gladio series: tubeless, long-focal-length reflectors designed with solar-system imagers in mind. These Dall-Kirkham telescopes are available in 250-mm (3,990€, US$5,111) and 315-mm (4,950€, US$6,342) apertures. Each is an f/25 system, reducing the need for additional amplification when you are imaging the Moon and major planets. They feature Pyrex mirrors guaranteed to have a total RMS wavefront error of 1/25 wave or better. The tube-rail and optical supports are made from precision-machined aluminum, keeping the total weight of the telescopes low when compared to other systems. All surfaces near the light path are baffled with black velvet. Each telescope comes with a 2-inch Crayford-style focuser, 9 x 60 finder, and Losmandy-style dovetail mounting plate. You'll need to supply a sturdy equatorial mount.

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