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Press Releases

Uh-Oh! A "Blue Moon" Ends the OOs

On New Year's Eve, a full Moon will rise for the second time this month (the first time was on December 2nd). Many people call the second full Moon in a calendar month a "Blue Moon" — but it didn't start out that way.

Press Releases

Sky & Telescope Appoints Robert P. Naeye Editor-in-Chief

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Joel Toner VP & Publishing Director, New Track Media 855-638-5388 x2124, [email protected] Cambridge, MA, April 29, 2008 — Sky & Telescope magazine, the iconic publisher of astronomy periodicals and books, announced today that it has appointed Robert P. Naeye to the position of Editor-in-Chief, succeeding Richard…

New Product Showcase

Binocular SkyScout

See more celestial targets by attaching your Celestron SkyScout to tripod-mounted binoculars with the FAR-Sight SkyScout Mount from Farpoint Astronomical Research.

New Product Showcase

Maglite Night Vision

Now you can make your Mini Maglite flashlight astronomy friendly with Nite Ize LED Upgrade kit.

New Product Showcase

Fly with Apollo

Ride along on the Apollo space missions to the Moon with Imaginova's Starry Night Apollo.

New Product Showcase

Big Autoguider

The affordably priced StarShoot AutoGuider from Orion Telescopes & Binoculars enables you to track your target precisely during long-exposure astrophotography.


Astronomy & Observing News

GLAST Scientists Answer Your Questions

Earlier this week, key members of the Gamma-ray Large Area Space Telescope (GLAST) team were on hand to answer your questions about NASA's next space-based observatory. Read the conversation now.

Solar System

What's Inside Enceladus?

In a daring dash over the south pole of Enceladus, the Cassini orbiter found organic molecules gushing from icy fractures on the Saturnian moon's surface — and hints that a reservoir of liquid water might exist deeper down.

Celestial News & Events

Fun in the Sun Continues

Don't miss the evolving sunspots now crossing the solar disk.

New Product Showcase

Smooth Alt-AZ

Astronomy Technologies now offers the Astro-Tech Voyager altazimuth mount.

Celestial News & Events

Go See the Sun

If you have a solar filter or another way to safely view the Sun, be sure to check out the latest group of sunspots marching across its disk.

Equipment: Guides & Recommendations

S&T Test Report: To the Point with mySKY

Meade Instruments' mySKY promises to raise the bar for exploring the night sky.Meade Instruments Enjoy your own personalized planetarium show under a starry sky with this clever bit of electronic wizardry from Meade. Download the test report in our online store, ShopatSky.com. Inside the May issue of Sky & Telescope.…

Space Missions

Cassini Gets a Face Full of Water

Who would have guessed that a decade after Cassini headed to Saturn, mission scientists would be flying it through an ice volcano's plume?

Professional Telescopes

"First Light" for Twin-Eyed Telescope

The Large Binocular Telescope (LBT) in Arizona achieved a milestone when both of the telescope's 8.4-meter mirrors pointed toward the spiral galaxy NGC 2770. Last week the LBT folks released the images.

Equipment: Guides & Recommendations

S&T Test Report: Orion StarShoot Deep Space Color Imager II

Johnny Horne This low-cost CCD camera lets you take stunning deep-sky images with remarkable ease. Inside the April issue of Sky & Telescope. On newsstands March 4th!

Equipment: Guides & Recommendations

S&T Test Report: iOptron's Capable Cube

S&T: Gary Seronik For surprisingly little money, you can get a well-functioning computerized drive on a stainless steel mount Inside the February issue of Sky & Telescope. On newsstands January 1st!

Celestial News & Events

Comet Holmes: A Halloween Treat!

Greet your trick-or-treaters with two Halloween treats: a bit of candy and a view of Comet Holmes.

Look Here Device

New Product Showcase

Star-Party Aid

FAR Laboratories introduces the Look Here Device to aid first-timers with finding a telescope’s eyepiece in the dark.


New Product Showcase

Binocular Aim

Astronomy-Shoppe manufactures many helpful gadgets to enhance your observing experience. Among them is the new Bino-Brac, a simple L bracket tappedto accept any popular unit-power finder.

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