Available in North America through Alpine Astronomical

P.O. Box 1154, Eagle, ID 83616

208-939-2141; alpineastro.com

S&T: Sean Walker

Baader Planetarium unveils an innovative observing kit for planetary enthusiasts. The Baader Classic Q-Turret and Eyepiece Set ($395) combines its new Classic Eyepieces series with a 4-position Q-Turret and 2.25× Q-Barlow in one convenient package. The Q-Turret ($85) is a 1¼-inch, 4-position click-stop eyepiece turret that enables observers to rapidly change magnifications with a simple twist of the unit. The turret’s concave body is designed to add only a minimal 38 mm to your telescope’s optical path, enabling it to be used with many Newtonian reflectors. The Classic Eyepieces set ($74 each) consists of 6-mm, 10-mm, and 18-mm Orthoscopic occulars with an unprecedented 50° apparent field of view, plus a matching 32-mm Classic Plössl. Each eyepiece is fully multicoated and includes integrated winged, folding rubber eyecups. The 32-mm Plössl also includes a slip-on eye guard extension tube to help place your eye at the optimum viewing distance. Also included is the 2.25× Q-Barlow ($69) with a removable, threaded lens cell that can be mounted directly to the barrel of the Q-Turret, or on any eyepiece barrel for a moderate 1.3× magnification boost. See the manufacturer’s website for additional details.

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