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Mars  Big, Bright Mars Swings Close by Earth
Blazing in the eastern sky during fall 2005, Mars is putting on a rare appearance not to miss.  (Oct. 19)
Partial Lunar Eclipse  The Partial Lunar Eclipse
Many watched on Monday as the full Moon, with clockwork precision, skimmed the edge of Earth's shadow.  (Oct. 18)
News  Astro News Briefs
Gravity Probe B calls it a wrap, and no Kuiper Belt Jupiters.  (Oct. 11)
 Hayabusa Closes In on Asteroid Itokawa
Now hovering just 7 km from its target, a Japanese spacecraft is readying to sample the surface — amid growing concerns about the craft's stabilization system.  (Oct. 11)
News  Astro News Briefs: October 3–9
Another bid for Yerkes Observatory.  (Oct. 07)
Star near Dumbbell  The Best Transiting Exoplanet Yet
Every 2.2 days, a giant "hot Jupiter" crosses the face of a 7.7-magnitude star near the Dumbbell Nebula — causing the deepest exoplanet eclipses discovered yet.  (Oct. 06)
Gamma-ray burst  Short GRBs Linked to Binary Mergers
Recent observations all but prove that short gamma-ray bursts result from either neutron star–neutron star mergers, or black hole–neutron star mergers.  (Oct. 05)


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