S&T: Craig Michael Utter

While Go To telescopes may have reduced the importance of optical finders, they haven’t stopped Stellarvue from developing a line of premium models (from $119) that are more closely related to small telescopes than they are to their namesakes from the past. The Stellarvue F50 and F80 finders (50- and 80-millimeter apertures, respectively) feature erect-image, right-angle diagonals, helical focusers, and eyepiece holders that accept standard 1¼-inch eyepieces. An optional version of the F80 handles 2-inch eyepieces. The standard 23-mm eyepiece delivers 22 mm of eye relief, a 50° apparent field, and 9x (F50) or 13x (F80). Illuminated-reticle eyepieces are also available, as are several tube colors and finishes.

Contact: Stellarvue, 11820 Kemper Rd., Auburn, CA 95603; 530-823-7796; www.stellarvue.com

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