What will the night sky hold in 2019? Sky & Telescope lays it out, day by day, in this new Celestial Highlights infographic.

Happy New Year! Ring in 2019 knowing that an exciting year awaits us: space launches, exploration firsts, sky spectacles, and opportunities to gather friends and family under the night sky.

The year opens with New Horizons' flyby of a Kuiper Belt object on New Year's Day, followed some three weeks later by a total lunar eclipse visible across North America. To close out the year, an annular eclipse of the Sun will be visible on December 26th from Saudi Arabia through to Guam. To help you keep track of these events and all those in between, we've compiled this calendar of celestial highlights for 2019.

We've noted the more significant meteor showers that are visible primarily in the Northern Hemisphere. (We give the peaks of these showers, but do watch for meteors on the days before and after, too.) We also mark anniversaries of special events, as well as some community events. Just be aware that the dates of some events, such as launches, may change.

Follow along with us as we step through the year:Celestial Highlights 2019

Download the PDF here.


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December 31, 2018 at 7:04 pm

Very nice, thank you. I used to do this every year, so I know the effort that goes into it. Is this available in list format, too?

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