We're months away from high-resolution views of all Apollo imagery.

Courtesy NASA.

Good news, everyone! Soon, you'll be able to be your own Michael Light, and download and do whatever you want with the lunar images from the Apollo program. A press release today announced how archivists at Arizona State University are working with NASA to digitally scan every single frame that the astronauts shot. No more downloading copies of copies — these will be first-generation scans.

There are other sources of Apollo photography, such as image library of the Apollo Lunar Surface Journal, but the archive isn't complete and the photos have varied resolutions.

The ASU's Apollo Image Archive is a work in progress now. But in three years, they expect to be finished with all the scanning.


Image of Gerry Hosty

Gerry Hosty

August 2, 2007 at 6:08 am

Does the moon appear a different color from earth orbit as compared to ground level?
Regards Gerry

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