Eclipsed Moon

Taking a break from Game 4 of the World Series on October 27, 2004, Sky & Telescope editor in chief Rick Fienberg stepped into his Boston backyard to catch a glimpse of that evening's total eclipse of the Moon. The next chance to see a blood-red eclipsed Moon will be March 3rd.

Be sure to visit the newsstands for the March issue of Sky & Telescope. Inside you'll find all the information you'll need for March 3rd's lunar eclipse — the first total eclipse of the Moon since October 27–28, 2004. What's more, we've included your reports and images from last November's transit of Mercury. And, as always, the issue is overflowing with tips and advice for what there is to see in the month's skies.

We've got your product information covered too. Bluetooth technology has moved to the realm of amateur telescopes and Sky & Telescope contributing editor and scope expert Alan Dyer takes you through the Starry Night BlueStar Telescope Adapter. Our New Product Showcase features new CCD cameras, portable observatories, and the latest high-end refractor from William Optics.

Our cover story, written and illustrated by Mark Garlick, details the threat to Earth that a nearby supernova would pose. Included "Beyond the Printed Page" are animations showing the effect such a blast would have on the solar system.

Famed celestial observer David Levy gives his first-person account on the discovery of his ninth comet. Moon expert and contributing editor Gary Seronik reviews the latest lunar atlas, and much more. . . .

But don't take our word for it. Visit our online Table of Contents and click on a few of the free PDF articles to sample the magazine for yourself.

Clear Skies,

The Editors of Sky & Telescope


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