S&T: Craig Michael Utter

Large CCD chips have spurred some astrophotographers to renew the age-old quest for the “perfect” photographic telescope, and in some cases they’ve been dusting off exotic and nearly forgotten optical designs from the early days of photography. But thanks to Tele Vue the ideal telescope to cover the 35-mm-size chip in SBIG’s flagship STL-11000 CCD camera may be no further away than the venerable Newtonian reflector. The company has introduced a special version of its highly acclaimed Paracorr coma corrector custom made for the threaded mount on STL-series cameras ($275). It can cover large CCDs with pinpoint star images from simple Newtonian optics as fast as f/4 (it’s optimized for f/4.5 primary mirrors). Check out the company’s website for sample images.

Contact: Tele Vue Optics, 32 Elkay Dr., Chester, NY 10918; 845-469-4551; www.televue.com

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