Remember — April is Global Astronomy Month. It's the brainchild of Astronomers Without Borders, an organization founded by S&T contributing editor Mike Simmons. Contributing photographer Babak Tafreshi is also a key member.

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Astronomers Without Borders

The mission of Astronomers Without Borders is "fostering understanding and goodwill across national and cultural boundaries by creating relationships through the universal appeal of astronomy." Global Astronomy Month is one way to achieve that goal; it's a time when amateurs worldwide are encouraged to participate in all kinds of events at small and large scales.

What does this mean to you? Nothing if you don't want it to. The last thing that Sky & Telescope or Astronomers Without Borders want to do is create a sense of obligation or burden. But if you were thinking of helping out at a star party anyway, why not use Global Astronomy Month as an excuse to do it now? It's a great time of year, with the winter constellations still visible in early evening, galaxies rising later, and glorious Saturn coming into fine view.

Or maybe just step outside one fine evening, set up your telescope on the sidewalk, and have a one-person outreach session all your own.


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Graham W. Wolf

April 4, 2011 at 8:23 pm

EVERY month should (affectionately) be regarded as Global Astronomy Month). Never pass up the opportinity to share your passion of astronomy with members of the public. After all, that's where the NEXT generation of astromnomers are going to come from! Plant a seed for the future...

Clear skies out there

Graham (Barber Grove Observatory (BGO):- Lower Hutt, New Zealand).

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