Did you get a chance to see the brightest comet in the past four decades? Odds are that unless you live in the Southern Hemisphere, you didn't catch Comet McNaught in all of its spectacular glory. But worry not; we've collected the best images of the comet from both hemispheres and rushed them into the April issue of Sky & Telescope magazine — on newsstands now!

The April S&T has much more to offer. Inside you'll find an in-depth analysis covering the announcement of recent water flows and fresh impact craters on Mars, a feature story about how the latest dark-matter discoveries have some astronomers putting Newton's theory of gravity into question, and a seminal article detailing a new way that amateur astronomers — and the general public — can band together to combat light pollution.

Our monthly S&T Test Report focuses on software in April. Contributing editor David Ratledge provides his expert analysis of Deep-Sky Planner 4, a new way for time-challenged astronomers to organize and log their observations and images. Plus Sue French takes you on a tour of The Lion's Lair, famed amateur astronomer David Levy writes about the National Sharing the Sky Foundation, and much, much more.

So go out an grab the April issue of Sky & Telescope. Available at your local bookseller or major magazine newsstand today!


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