One of the most popular features we publish in Sky & Telescope is our annual Hot Products roundup, in which we call special attention to noteworthy astronomy products introduced into the marketplace during the past year.

What's a Hot Product? It's more than just something new. To Sky & Telescope's editors it's a telescope, accessory, book, computer program, or other product worthy of astronomy enthusiasts' attention because it . . .

  • introduces a new concept or technology to our hobby
  • represents a significant improvement in price/performance ratio
  • solves an old problem in a new way
  • solves a problem we didn't even know we had
  • makes difficult observations easier
  • makes us wish we'd invented it ourselves.

Some Hot Products meet one of these criteria, others several. And some are noteworthy for other reasons entirely. In short, we know a Hot Product when we see it!

Below you'll find links to all the Hot Products cited in the January 2007 issue of Sky & Telescope.


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