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S&T: Lauren Darby

Ah, spring — when a young man’s fancy turns to thoughts of . . . stargazing, of course! And that’s equally true for young women.

During most of April, the Sun sets between 7:30 and 8, and by 9 p.m. it’s good and dark. For most of the U.S., April evenings are finally warm enough to linger outdoors comfortably for quite a while.

Once outside, you'll find Orion making his last stand in the west, the planets Saturn and Mars well placed for viewing, and the Big Dipper nearly overhead.

To get a personally guided tour of these sights and others, hosted by Kelly Beatty, S&T's Executive Editor, download this month's audio sky tour to your iPod or other handheld device — or just use your computer to play it.


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