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S&T: Lauren Darby

Sunset and nightfall are coming later and later, so your starwatching is getting pushed deeper into the evening. Because of this, the seasonal changing of the constellations seems to speed up. If you skip a few weeks, you may not recognize the new sky when you next go out!

This will be the last month to easily view the winter constellations of Orion, Taurus, and their friends. The Winter Triangle — the stellar trio of Sirius, Betelgeuse, and Procyon — is easy to spot.

Planets are shifting around from where you last saw them. Venus is very low in the west at dusk, while Mars is riding high. Soon the Red Planet is joined by Saturn, climbing in the east in the hours after sunset.

To keep track of these celestial comings and goings, all you need to do is download March's audio sky tour. It's an 6-megabyte MP3 file that runs nearly 7 minutes long.


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