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S&T: Lauren Darby

This is a month of transition.

Overhead you'll find the familiar stars of the Summer Triangle as darkness falls. By now they've crested in the evening sky, with icy white Vega a little west of directly overhead.

Meanwhile, if you get up before dawn you'll be rewarded with a view of Orion, his two dogs, and Taurus, the Bull — all constellations that we associate with northern-winter skies.

As the evening deepens, brilliant Jupiter makes its appearance low in the east. the King of Planets reaches opposition in late October, meaning it's opposite the Sun in the sky and at its maximum brightness.

Although North America isn't favored geographically,a dramatic meteor shower might take place on the night of October 8th. To learn more about it — and about other sky sights this month — downloading October''s audio sky tour. It's a 3-megabyte MP3 file that's 6¼ minutes long.


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