Tele Vue

Among the most highly rated apochromatic telescopes we’ve ever tested, the Tele Vue Nagler-Petzval line has been reengineered for astrophotography (from $1,695). The TV-NP101is and its bigger brother the TV-NP127is (4-inch f/5.4 and 5-inch f/5.2 refractors, respectively) have larger rear lenses and 2.4-inch-aperture focusers designed to accommodate the new generation of large-format CCD cameras. There’s also a field corrector for optimized edge-of-field performance with the largest CCD chips. The focuser has provision for an optional motor drive and digital readout, as well as standard features that allow for camera rotation and squaring to the optical axis. Adapters for a range of popular cameras are currently available. Other “IS” models start at 60-mm aperture.

Contact: Tele Vue Optics, 32 Elkay Dr., Chester, NY 10918; 845-469-4551;

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