The March 19th eclipse as seen from Miankaleh Island in northern Iran.

Ali Matinfar

On Monday parts of Southeast Asia, China, Korea, Siberia, and northwestern Alaska (where it was still the 18th) were treated to a relatively minor partial eclipse of the Sun. Although the event wasn't seen by many, those who were fortunate to be in the Moon's shadow snapped some great photos. Click over to our online gallery and check out the first batch of submissions. And while you're at it, if you were lucky enough to see the eclipse — and you took a picture — please share it.

If you missed this one, the next partial solar eclipse (September 11, 2007), will be be visible only from Antarctica and parts of South America. The next total eclipse of the Sun will cross northermost Canada and Greenland, Russia, Mongolia, and China on August 1, 2008.


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