If you're not in the path of this weekend's annular solar eclipse, bookmark this page for some online viewing options.

This weekend will offer a view of the “ring of fire” eclipse, or at least a partial eclipse of the Sun, to some of Asia and much of the U.S. The rest of the world (including U.S.'s Eastern seaboard) isn't so lucky, but don't worry: there are plenty of places where you can view this spectacular event online.


Image of Keith Gleason

Keith Gleason

May 18, 2012 at 11:03 am

Sommers-Bausch Observatory, University of Coilorado in Boulder, will be putting two live streaming elescope views of the partial solar eclipse.

The first will be of the chromosphere (hydrogen-alpha: :)http://cosmos.colorado.edu/sbo/public/live.chromosphere.html
or directly from Ustream at
THe other will be of the photosphere (white light):

or directly from Ustream at

At Boulder, first contact occurs at 6:22 MDT. We expect to lose the chromosphere view around 7:18, about 12 minutes before maximum eclipse here (86%). The photosphere camera should be able to follow until sunset over the foothills around 7:45.

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Image of Stacey


May 20, 2012 at 10:57 am

Im in Red Deer Alberta. What time should I be on here to view the eclipse online? I don't want to miss this beautiful galaxy wonder 🙂

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