Laurent Laveder dodged the rain clouds in France to capture this spectacular composite of the March 3–4 total lunar eclipse.

Laurent Laveder

For many observers in Europe and the East Coast of North America, weather was a major obstacle for seeing this weekend's total lunar eclipse. Those who did see the Moon plunge into the Earth's shadow had to contend with rain showers, overcast skies, and high winds. But your pictures show that it was worth the effort.

Sky & Telescope editor in chief Rick Fienberg caught the eclipse from
Garching, Germany — but had to outwait some lousy weather to do so.
"At one point, I had to rush my equipment back into the hotel to get out of a sudden rain shower," reports Fienberg, "but I was determined to see something through whatever sucker holes I could find. I saw bits and pieces of the eclipse during totality, which was gorgeous since the eclipse was bright and the Moon was in a rich star field in Leo."

How did you do? Judging by the first burst of images sent to our gallery, the eclipse was quite stunning. Be sure to check our our readers' gallery of images, and feel free to submit your own for the world to see. Check in often to see the new pics, as well as our other galleries of reader images. And send us your reports to


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