Using Software

Armed with the right software, you can learn how to spot specific stars and constellations before heading outside to stargaze. Or just have fun exploring the cosmos.

Sky & Telescope: Craig Michael Utter

Enjoying astronomy is as simple as looking up on a clear, dark night. But there's even more fascination if you take that passing interest and turn it into to a greater understanding of the cosmos.

The resources below will help you take your nextsteps. Do you know how to pronounce the constellation "Boötes." What's an "occultation"? Look it up, along with other terms, in the Astro Glossary. And if your telescope has you befuddled, Ed Ting's "Top 10" article may have some answers for you.

Furthermore, you can find like-minded people at a local astronomy club or a locate a nearby planetarium compiled in our searchable directory.

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