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Curlicue Madness

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Jupiter Close, Bright, and Up All Night

It's easy to like Jupiter. No other planet offers such a bounty of amazing sights through the telescope, especially this week when it reaches opposition.  On April 7th, the largest planet in the solar system will rise at sunset and shine all night. That's the date Jupiter lines up behind…


Comet Lovejoy Brightens Quickly, Heads North

Terry Lovejoy's new comet has gone from faint to bright in just three weeks and is now a tempting binocular target at dawn.

Dog Eat Dog Pair

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Sirius B — A New Pup in My Life

Here are some tips on you, too, can see Sirius B, the "Pup" of the Dog Star, Sirius A.

Bright Supernova Beckons

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Bright Supernova Erupts in NGC 5643 in Lupus

A recently discovered supernova in Lupus now shines around magnitude +11.5, bright enough to see in a modest telescope. With photos and maps, we'll get you there. I wished I lived in Georgia and not just for the peach trees and warmer weather. No, I'd be able to get up early…

Pointy Planet

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See an Ultrathin Venus Crescent

With Venus approaching inferior conjunction, don't miss the chance to see one of the thinnest Venus crescents of your life.

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Comet 41P/T-G-K Greens Up For St. Paddy's Day

Comet 41P/Tuttle-Giacobini-Kresak begins its best showing of the year this week as it slingshots across the Big Dipper into circumpolar skies.

Owl of Atlases Past

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Constellations That Might Have Been

Obsolete constellations may be gone, but they're not forgotten. We revisit their brief glories and learn how to find them in the 21st-century sky.

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Pushing Limits: A Spring Sky Double Star Romp

Push your telescope to the limit and put your eyes to the test with this series of tight-knit springtime double stars.

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Three Crescents and a Sinking Comet

If you're crazy about crescents, you'll find your happy place this week between the Moon and Venus. Meanwhile, we shift our focus from 45P/H-M-P to another famous periodic comet, 2P/Encke.

Deep Sky Prizes

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Hidden Gems in Common Deep-Sky Objects

Many of the deep-sky objects we point our telescopes toward have pleasant surprises, some in plain sight, others hidden and more challenging. Let me introduce you to a few.

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Comet 45P Returns to Dark Skies

With the Moon out of the picture, amateurs can once again check in on comet 45P/H-M-P, now making an appearance in the evening sky.

Comet 45P

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Green Comet 45P Makes Close Earth Flyby

Green-glowing 45P/Honda-Mrkos-Pajdusakova will make an unusually close pass by Earth on Saturday. Watch it boogie across the morning sky this week!

Fantastic Voyage

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Star-Trapping in Orion's Trapezium

Take a high-power ride to seek out baby stars and clotted clouds within the heart of the Orion Nebula.

Space Satellites

Get Your Iridium Fix Before It's Too Late!

The shock and dazzle of Iridium flares will soon be a thing of the past. Here's how to make the most of seeing them before they're replaced by a new generation of satellites.

Near and Far Planets Draw Close

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See Mercury First, Then Have Breakfast

Late sunrises make it easy to follow the parade of planets at dawn, including a nice apparition of Mercury this week with three successive lunar conjunctions.


Explore Craters in the Lunar Arctic

Put on a coat, set up your scope, and become a polar explorer as we visit off-the-beaten-path craters and maria in the Moon's arctic vastness.

Finder Chart Comet 45P/

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Bright Prospects for Comets in 2017

Comet lovers have much to look forward to in the new year with six potential bright binocular comets and at least two others for modest backyard telescopes.

New Year's Revelers Passing in the Night

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Mars Meets Neptune on New Year's Eve

Doing anything on New Year's Eve? Before you start toasting, don't miss an exceptionally close conjunction of Mars and Neptune.

Low Sun, Long Shadows and Icy Atmospherics

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Swing Low, Sweet Sun: It's Solstice Time

Daylight ebbs to a minimum on Wednesday's winter solstice, but not for long. The very next day, the Sun turns back north and the cycle of light begins again.