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Feather of Dusty Light

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Mercury Punctuates The False Dawn

Early risers get a triple treat this week and next: a ravishing dawn Moon, an excellent apparition of Mercury, and a hint of Halloween in the ghostly zodiacal light.

Stellar Beauties

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Will the Real Albireo Please Stand Up?

A stunning double star, Albireo is also a bit of an enigma. Is it a true binary or the result of a chance alignment?

Mystery Object? No, Just Sirius

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Why Are There So Many UFOs?

In an age when UFO sightings are rife, we look at other possibilities that may help to explain the strange apparitions many see.

Lava Bumps Near Copernicus


A Little Guide to Lunar Domes

With this week's waxing Moon, we set off to explore its volcanic past with a look at a dozen intriguing lunar domes.

Three in a Row Show

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Enjoy Orion in Shirtsleeves

Throw open the door and welcome back Orion at dawn. The Hunter's return brings relief from the heat and gives us a fresh shot at exploring untouched winter deep-sky objects in comfort.

New Planetary Nebula in the Making

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Polarized Light: From Blue Sky to Egg Nebula

Bees see polarized light and use it to navigate to honey. Learn how you can use it to crack the Egg Nebula.

Cast of Sparkling Characters

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Palling Around With Palomar Globular Clusters

The intriguing Palomar globular clusters will challenge observers with modest to large telescopes, while providing a satisfying ramble around the galactic halo.

Bright Star An Ancient Link

Celestial News & Events

A Real Scorcher! — Sirius At Heliacal Rising

Make a connection to a time when stars were used to track seasons and predict natural events by watching the heliacal rising of Sirius.

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Comet 29P/Schwassmann-Wachmann 1 Blows Its Top . . . Again!

An otherwise faint and distant periodic comet underwent a bright outburst at the end of last month. Now it's visible in amateur telescopes at nightfall.

Delta Aquarid meteor

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Delta Aquariids Kick Off Summer Meteor Showers

The meteors are coming! Three annual meteor showers are already active and guaranteed to spark up your summer nights.

Visibility zones for Two Occultations

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See Two Tricky Occultations — Neptune and Lambda (λ) Aqr

Now you see 'em, now you don't. Watch the Moon occult Neptune and nearby Lambda Aquarii on the same night.

Land of Black and Light

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Paddle the Milky Way's Dark River

Take an imaginary journey in a boat down the Milky Way's Great Rift, exploring rich star clouds and dark nebulae along the way.

Extra-large Donut

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Aurora at Your Fingertips

A survey of free services and apps that let you keep tabs on space weather so you can anticipate the next great aurora.

Rich Cluster in a Rich Neighborhood

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Midnight Meridian Morsels

Late June offers a grab bag of clusters and nebulae "lined up" at the midnight hour. Time your southern deep-sky viewing with meridian passage and you'll be a happy camper.

Peewee and Papa

Deep Sky

Hunting White Dwarfs, the Night's Stellar Peewees

Take a trip down the rabbit hole to the weird and weighty world of planet-sized white dwarf stars.

16 Hours of Sunlight

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Solstice Brings Late Nights, Bright Sights

Celebrate the June 20th solstice, when the Sun and the full Strawberry Moon combine their powers to illuminate both day and night.

Another Dwarf Bites the Dust

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Dual Supernovae Light Up June Nights

Supernovae are popping up everywhere! Two stars flamed out millions of years ago and at least one is an easy catch right now in amateur telescopes.

Open All Night


Saturn's Splendid Summer Show

It's showtime for the King of the Rings! Time to get your telescope out to see and share Saturn, which comes to opposition this week.

A Sense of Scale

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There Be Monsters Here! How to Find the Biggest Star

Antares and Betelgeuse may be colossal stars, but we take it to the next level of stellar monstrosity with a visit to UY Scuti, a star that makes our Sun seem no bigger than a pinpoint.

Big, Bold Mars This Week

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Follow Mars to His Double Star Lair

Let Mars be your guide to no fewer than 15 diverse and delightful double stars that pepper its path through Scorpius and Libra this opposition season.