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This Comma Will Make You Pause

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Overlooked Wonders In Orion's Shadow

Put the Great Nebula in Orion in the backseat and pay a visit to its humble neighbors

Paired Together for Another Week


It's Not Over Till The Fast Planet Sinks

This week and early next will be your last chance to see five planets — six if you count Earth — at dawn.

Comfortable in the Cold

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How To Stay Warm Observing In Winter

Does the cold make you think twice about winter observing? Here are a few tips on how to do it in comfort.

Learning About the Sky

Asterisms for Winter Nights

Asterisms appeal to our playful side but also serve as key waypoints in the sky for identifying fainter stars and constellations.

What - No Meatballs?

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Picking Plums in the Galactic Anticenter

In winter, we face the Milky Way's anticenter, a little-explored region offering goodies for telescopes both large and small. Few give much thought to the Milky Way's anticenter, a lonely locale 180° opposite the busy metropolis of Sagittarius, where the summer Milky Way glitters like Vegas. On winter nights, Sagittarius lies behind us, hidden by Earth's…

One Smokin' Comet!

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Comets To Catch in 2016

A look ahead to see what new and returning comets will spice up the new year in 2016.

Persistent Dust, Impermanent Nebula

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Run Away With These Runaway Stars

Three stars that once belonged to Orion flew the coop millions of years ago, but you can catch up with them with binoculars the next clear night.

Capella x 2

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Tale of Capella and the Two Red Dwarfs

Bright Capella plays it close to the vest when it comes to companions, but with a good map and steady skies you can track down its dwarf binary.

Venus by the Slice

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Moon Occults Venus on December 7th

After taking us to Comet Catalina's doorstep, the Moon covers Venus in a spectacular daytime occultation visible from most of North and Central America on Monday, December 7, 2015.

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Moon Illusion is All in Your Head

Is perception reality? Not when it comes to the Moon illusion. See the truth with your own eyes at the rising of the next full Moon.

Comin' at ya' Baby

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Watch a Black Hole Eat Dinner

S5 0716+71, a bright blazar currently in a feeding frenzy, invites you over for dinner the next clear night.

Blue Q-tip

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Catalina Comet Sails Into Northern Skies

Comet Catalina returns this month with naked-eye potential. Follow its every move with our guide and maps.

Far but Familiar

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Triple Treasure in Triangulum's Pinwheel

Travel 2.7 million light-years from home to the Pinwheel Galaxy, where we'll visit a supergiant star, an extragalactic globular cluster, and one of the largest nebulae in the known universe.

The Moon Unmagnified

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How to See Lunar Craters with the Naked Eye

Who says you need a telescope to see craters on the Moon? Here's how to find a half-dozen with just the naked eye.

Multi-faceted beauty

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Discover a Dozen Clusters in the "W"

Open your bag wide as we go trick-or-treating in the "W" of Cassiopeia, home to more than 100 star clusters.

Dust with bling

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Take the Gegenschein Challenge

How and when to see the gegenschein, cousin of the zodiacal light and one of the greatest night sky naked-eye challenges.

Pop goes the nova

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"Blink" a Nova Tonight

Like people doing good imitations, novae often mimic planetary nebulae. Read on to learn how to watch the evolution of these tricksters using a common nebula filter.

Near miss

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Moon Hides Hyades, Occults Aldebaran Friday

After a late-night ramble through the Hyades cluster, the waning gibbous Moon will cover up the bright star Aldebaran for observers across North America Friday morning.

Monster in our midst


Observer's Guide to the H-alpha Sun

Want to see a star rock in real time? Observe the Sun in the crimson light of hydrogen alpha and watch it come alive.

Binocular basics

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Watch Andromeda Galaxy Blossom in Binoculars

How much can you see of the Andromeda Galaxy system with just a pair of binoculars? Turns out a lot!