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Multi-faceted beauty

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Discover a Dozen Clusters in the "W"

Open your bag wide as we go trick-or-treating in the "W" of Cassiopeia, home to more than 100 star clusters.

Dust with bling

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Take the Gegenschein Challenge

How and when to see the gegenschein, cousin of the zodiacal light and one of the greatest night sky naked-eye challenges.

Pop goes the nova

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"Blink" a Nova Tonight

Like people doing good imitations, novae often mimic planetary nebulae. Read on to learn how to watch the evolution of these tricksters using a common nebula filter.

Near miss


Moon Hides Hyades, Occults Aldebaran Friday

After a late-night ramble through the Hyades cluster, the waning gibbous Moon will cover up the bright star Aldebaran for observers across North America Friday morning.

Monster in our midst

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Observer's Guide to the H-alpha Sun

Want to see a star rock in real time? Observe the Sun in the crimson light of hydrogen alpha and watch it come alive.

Binocular basics

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Watch Andromeda Galaxy Blossom in Binoculars

How much can you see of the Andromeda Galaxy system with just a pair of binoculars? Turns out a lot!

Simply magnificent!

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How to See the Farthest Thing You Can See

Step by step, we explore the farthest things visible with the naked eye, from the most distant star to the hinterlands of the Andromeda Galaxy

Gaia14aae, artist's conception

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Violent Lights For September Nights

Find out how two closely-orbiting stellar pairs create fireworks you can see in your own backyard telescope.

Worlds of gas and ice

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Neptune And Its Maverick Moon Triton

Neptune reaches opposition next week, giving amateurs the chance to track its unique, backwards-orbiting moon Triton.

Gift at day's end

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Tiptoe Into The Twilight Zone

Twilight. Gloaming. Dusk. Blue Hour — all names for that colorful and contemplative time between day and night. We explore twilight's brief but fascinating sights and learn why it gets shorter as summer turns to fall. Twilight takes us gently into that good night. I wouldn't mind spending time on the Moon, but I'd miss…

Comet 67P/C-G


Rosetta's Comet Beckons At Dawn

Northern hemisphere observers have this month and next to get their best look at Rosetta's comet, 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko.

Celestial Objects to Observe

Let's Get Serious About Ceres

We pay a visit to Ceres, now the apple of the Dawn Mission's eye, as it creeps through Sagittarius this month

Old rock sprinkled atop new


Blue Moon Rayed-Crater Blowout

Like "catching some rays"? This weekend's Blue Moon invites us to explore the beauty and dazzle of crater rays, the tracks left by powerful impacts in the not-so-distant past.

Green-striped night

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Why We Can See In The Dark

In search of a pitch black night? Don't expect to find it on Earth. Thanks to starlight, zodiacal light, and especially airglow, true darkness doesn't exist.

Barnard's footsteps

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Dive Into Scutum's Dark Nebulae

One of the smallest constellations in the sky hosts one of the richest concentrations of dark nebulae. Join me for a dip in these dark pools from which the next generation of stars will be born.

Roller-coaster ride south

Celestial News & Events

C/2014 Q1 (PanSTARRS): Next Naked-Eye Comet?

Comet C/2014 Q1 PanSTARRS has been skirting the northern horizon since mid-June. Now it's ready to dip Down Under, where it may be visible with the naked eye in evening twilight.

Jove watches over the fireflies

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Fireflies, Green Stars, and Chromatic Duos

July nights bring the green flicker of fireflies and a question — are there any green stars we can see in our telescopes? The answer may surprise you.

Non-threatening, favorable pass


See Icarus Wing By Earth This Week

It's no myth. Icarus makes a rare flyby of Earth this week. Here's how to see it in your telescope and live online.

Starry abyss!

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What Can You See Through Baade's Window?

Cobwebs of cosmic dust limit how far we can see into the Milky Way's hub, but Baade's Window offers a rare glimpse into the stellar riches that await us there.

Little Red Corvette

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On the Move with Barnard's Star and 61 Cygni

Stars may appear static, but they're on the move. Put these two speed demons on your observing list this summer. When you return in a year or two, you'll be pleasantly surprised.