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Rich Cluster in a Rich Neighborhood

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Midnight Meridian Morsels

Late June offers a grab bag of clusters and nebulae "lined up" at the midnight hour. Time your southern deep-sky viewing with meridian passage and you'll be a happy camper.

Peewee and Papa

Astronomy and Stargazing Projects

Hunting White Dwarfs, the Night's Stellar Peewees

Take a trip down the rabbit hole to the weird and weighty world of planet-sized white dwarf stars.

16 Hours of Sunlight

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Solstice Brings Late Nights, Bright Sights

Celebrate the June 20th solstice, when the Sun and the full Strawberry Moon combine their powers to illuminate both day and night.

Another Dwarf Bites the Dust

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Dual Supernovae Light Up June Nights

Supernovae are popping up everywhere! Two stars flamed out millions of years ago and at least one is an easy catch right now in amateur telescopes.

Open All Night


Saturn's Splendid Summer Show

It's showtime for the King of the Rings! Time to get your telescope out to see and share Saturn, which comes to opposition this week.

A Sense of Scale

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There Be Monsters Here! How to Find the Biggest Star

Antares and Betelgeuse may be colossal stars, but we take it to the next level of stellar monstrosity with a visit to UY Scuti, a star that makes our Sun seem no bigger than a pinpoint.

Big, Bold Mars This Week

Celestial News & Events

Follow Mars to His Double Star Lair

Let Mars be your guide to no fewer than 15 diverse and delightful double stars that pepper its path through Scorpius and Libra this opposition season.

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See Comet PanSTARRS (C/2013 X1) in Binoculars at Dawn

An old friend from winter returns for an encore in the morning sky. Already visible in binoculars, Comet PanSTARRS (C/2013 X1) may reach naked-eye visibility in June.

Natural Artistry

Astronomy and Stargazing Projects

Hunting Giant Planetary Nebulae

Mind your elders the next clear night and pay a visit to some of Spring's biggest and most ancient planetary nebulae.

First Look at the King of the Planets

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Tips for a Successful Star Party

Planning a sidewalk stargazing event? Here are a few suggestions to make sure people walk away smiling.

Two For T

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Is T CrB About to Blow its Top?

The recurrent nova T Coronae Borealis last made a splash just after World War II. Does its current restive state hint at an imminent outburst?

Mystery Dark Spot?


Are You Game for April's Lunar Observing Challenge?

With astronomy being celebrated around the globe this month, join the fun by participating in a unique lunar observing challenge: track down 20 features once thought to show evidence of change from weather, geology, and even life.

252P Drags its Tail

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Up, Up, and Away with Comet 252P

With the Moon finally put to bed and Comet 252P still bright, there's no better time than now to see it. Nearby Mars and Saturn only sweeten the deal.

Stellar Fingerprints

Stellar Science

Spectral Types For Spring Nights

Hidden within the subtle hues of the stars are the keys to their temperatures and compositions. Get acquainted with the classic OBAFGKM spectral sequence through real stars you can see on a spring night.

Telescopic view of Comet 252P/LINEAR

Celestial News & Events

Comet 252P Zooms North, BA14 Grows Tail

Splintered comet duo 252P/LINEAR and P/2016 BA14 liven up both dusk and dawn this week. Naked-eye 252P finally debuts in northern skies, while BA14 makes a beeline through the Big Dipper.

And Lo - A Tail!


Comet PanSTARRS 2016's Historic Flyby of Earth

Not one, but two, possibly related comets will make exceptionally close flybys of Earth on March 21–22. Here's what we know and a guide on how to see them.

A Full Crescent Moon

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Meet the Meager March Moon

Baptized in the fire of yesterday's total solar eclipse, a very young crescent Moon emerges into the night sky.

Butterfly Metamorphosis

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NGC 2346: A Cosmic Butterfly Plays Peekaboo

Spiraling stars and light-soaking dust clouds enliven the heart of this lesser-known planetary nebula NGC 2346 in Monoceros. Will you be the first to catch it playing peekaboo again?

Strange Night Sights

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Frightful Nights Under the Stars

The lure of dark skies often takes us to unfamiliar places where nocturnal animals and encounters with strangers can ignite our primal fears.

Solids and Stripes

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Jupiter Jumps Back Into The Evening Sky

Jove begins a new apparition with a redder Red Spot, pirouetting moons, and ever-changing cloudscapes.