Hot Jupiter KPS-1b


First Discoveries of a Pro-Am Exoplanet Survey

A pair of professional and amateur astronomers have teamed up to fill an important niche in exoplanet research.

Planet formation (artist's concept)


Youngest Confirmed Exoplanet Provides Clues on Its Formation

Observations of the youngest confirmed planet, CI Tau b, suggest it's still hot from its birth — a point in favor of a quick-start model of formation.

August 2012 issue of Sky & Telescope


Solar System "Twin" Is Missing Its Baby Jupiters

Exceptional new images of the LkCa 15 system, a young, Sun-like star thought to host infant gas giant planets, shows those planets don't exist.

Kepler 47 (artist's concept)


Third Planet Found Orbiting Binary Star System Kepler 47

Astronomers have found a third planet circling a pair of stars in the Kepler 47 system.