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Meteors and Comets and Asteroids

The sky may seem eternal and unchanging, but meteors and comets show us otherwise. Browse the gallery below to see pictures of the ephemeral sky. New comets are anticipated every year, and though not every comet becomes a showstopper, most do take the stage in magnificent images. Even garden-variety comets may show their ghostly green nucleus and fanning tail in pictures before they disappear from the heavens. And as short-lived as comets are, meteors are even more fleeting. Their quick streaks through the sky present a photographic challenge, but our readers have managed glimpses at single fireballs, as well as whole-sky time-lapses of meteor showers. Finally, to round out the selection of small solar system bodies, you'll also find asteroid pictures in this gallery. Their dim and often dark surfaces render them one of the biggest challenges of astrophotography, but our readers are up to the task. Return to the Photo Gallery

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