Comet McNaught was a spectacular sight on January 10th, as seen in the skies over Stavanger, Norway.

Svein Torske

Although Friday is the last good chance for folks in the northern hemisphere to catch Comet McNaught, the reports are streaming in and the comet is clearly a hit! Some observers have called the naked-eye dirty snowball the grandest they've ever seen. Others merely rank it as the best comet since Hale-Bopp peaked in 1997.

Needless to say, your images back up those claims. Check out our McNaught photo gallery. We've posted more than three dozen of your pictures have already — and we are anxious to see more. Be sure to submit your photos now.

On Friday the comet reaches perihelion. After that, Comet McNaught will become a target for observers in the Southern Hemisphere (stay tuned for our forthcoming article). Anyone living Down Under is truly in for a treat!


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