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Location of Photo:

Observatory Parsec, Canoas, Brazil

Date/Time of photo:

June, 01-2016: 01:48 UT


C14 Edge + ASI 224 + PM 2X + L filter


When the weather goes bad as well as it has here an amateur astrophotographer worth its salt is always on the prowl. Yesterday was no different, but fortunately I was lucky and in the midst of so many clouds and high humidity the time opened, as well as the Red Sea opened for Noah. I do not deny being extremely insistent and so was there a 8 cold ready to any record. I believe I have been fully rewarded because although most of the films have not provided this here is highlighted. When I spoke a beautiful Mars, I do not mean the picture and each other, but the meteorological conditions of the planet and the formations that were visible on the surface at that particular moment. Look at the picture .... does not convey a sense of intimacy? Those beautiful clouds on the edge and on Hellas gave a surreal touch almost imitating a painting done with every whim. Again Olympus Mons stands almost in the center of the planetary disk and several volcanoes Tarsys mountain range are just a detail part.


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