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Location of Photo:

June Lake California, USA

Date/Time of photo:

024-03-27 03:15:37 UTC


RASA 8, asi2600mcP, GM2000HPS


The comet is nearly gone from my area as it slips into evening twilight. Here is a mere 16 and a half minutes salvageable frames using an APS-C sensor and a RASA8. In fact this is the final image this scope will ever take as a storm toppled the scope shattering the corrector plate and snapping off the FT focuser. It was a fine scope allowing me to be recognized for my first NASA APOD back in 2020. The tail disconnect can be easily seen as a near break in the extended plasma tail. I took a peek through a pair of image stabilized Binos at 18 x and Comet 12P was an easy to find and see object. No star hopping necessary , just look in the general location and the comet was readily seen. It appeared as a large diffuse object with a bright condensed central region. A slight upward