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Tom Haapoja

Location of Photo:

DeKalb, Illinois

Date/Time of photo:

Multiple nights during December of 2023 and February of 2024


Telescope: Sky-Watcher Esprit 100ED / Imaging Camera: QHY 268M / Filters: Chroma Ha & Oiii 3nm 36mm, Chroma RGB 36mm filters Mount: / Atlas EQ-G (modified) / Focuser: Moonlite NiteCrawler


Abell 85 (LBN 576) is a faint supernova remnant located in Cassiopeia. It's so faint and distant that it took 29 hours to capture this image. Abell 85's distinctive shape is formed by a gas cloud resembling a brain with a spinal cord attached, earning it the moniker the "Medulla Nebula." Additionally, some refer to it as the "Garlic Nebula" due to its resemblance to a head of garlic. Also in the image, and initially mistaken for a distant planetary nebula, is the small bright structure PK116 + 00.1 which is now believed to be an area rich in ionized hydrogen (HII), adding to the intrigue to the region.