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Sean Liang

Location of Photo:

IC ASTRONOMY OBSERVATORY, SPAIN (Remote Astronomy vis Telescope Live)

Date/Time of photo:

15 Aug 2023, 06 Sep 2023


Officina Stellare ProRC 700


In the centre of the image is ARP 273, two galaxies dancing in an embrace guided by the invisible hands of gravity. The larger galaxy resembling a cosmic rose is UC1810; its spiral arms flared out due to its smaller companion's gravitational touch, UGC 1813. As they approach each other, they pull and stretch, distorting their forms and leaving trails of stars and gas, akin to the flowing garments of dancers. In this dance of ARP 273, there's a blend of beauty and chaos, creation and destruction. Over billions of years, their dance will evolve, possibly leading to a grand finale where they merge into one. Until then, they remain a captivating spectacle in the vast cosmic theatre.