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John Dolby



Location of Photo:

Tucson, AZ USA

Date/Time of photo:

31 October, 2015; 04:33 AM MST


Celestron CPC-1100 w/HyperStar @ f/2; Canon 6D; ISO-800; 6-Second Exposure


Wow! That was fun! Picked up the asteroid while it was moving rather slowly through Orion. But then it picked up speed and I could hardly keep up with it! I didn't have time to plan a shot. All I could do was keep shooting and try not to let it out of my sight. I recognized the Beehive Cluster as it passed through. So I figured I'd upload that picture. I've tried other fast movers before with no success. I guess the trick is to catch 'em while they're moving slow and then just hang on for the ride! You can see that I had a pretty large field of view and by the time the asteroid was going through Cancer, I could barely keep it in the field of view for 15 seconds.


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