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Gregg Waldron



Location of Photo:

Yellowknife, NT

Date/Time of photo:

06:43UT 01MAR2014


Sigma 15mm f/2.8 lens @ f/2.8 Hutech Modified Canon XSi Stationary Benro A-258EX tripod with Manfrotto 496 ball head mount


Sunspot AR1967 produced the strongest solar flare of the year so far on February 25th and one of the strongest of the current solar cycle. Days later, the shockwaves caused geomagnetic storms near Earth and induced bright displays of the aurora borealis. This 4 panel mosaic captures a bright outburst along the aurora oval across the northern part of the sky. The green aurora originate from complex interactions between the solar wind and the constituents of Earth’s atmosphere nearly 70 miles up, while similar processes cause the red aurora between 125 and 250 miles in altitude.


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