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Location of Photo:

Kolkata, India

Date/Time of photo:

2nd January 2021 and 5th July 2021


Nikon D5600, Sigma 150-600c Lens, Thousand Oaks Solar Filter


Today, 5th July, marks the Aphelion, the day of the year when the sun is farthest from Earth. This image shows a comparison of the size between the sun in Perihelion (when Sun is closest to Earth) and Aphelion. Although the difference in their sizes is not as apparent as that of Moon in Perigee and Apogee, the Sun in Perihelion is 3% larger in the sky than the Sun in Aphelion (1 arcsecond larger). Both the images were taken with the same equipment at same focal length (600mm) from the same location (Kolkata, India). Gear: Nikon D5600, Sigma 150-600c, Thousand Oaks Solar Filter (white-light) Software: PIPP, Adobe Camera Raw, Photoshop Date: 2nd January 2021 and 5th July 2021 Location: Kolkata, India