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Alireza Vafa



Location of Photo:

Dizin, Tehran

Date/Time of photo:

July, 17 -2020


Tokina Opera 50mm f1.4 on Nikon D610 body


Yesterday night I finally found a clear sky to capture the newfound dazzling comet; NEOWISE (C/2020 F3) which moved into the evening sky. As the separation of the comet is not far from the sun, the best time for a successful photography session would be after the sun set at dusk. To access to a clear horizon, I went to 3300m (10000ft) heights at central Alborz mountains north of my hometown and the view was dramatic! Thanks to the fast aperture of Tokina Opera 50mm FF f1.4, I set up my Nikon D610 body on short exposures of 5 seconds each, to produce consequences of images for further processing as time lapse or stacked high signal to noise photos like this. This image is the results of combining 100 individual frames on sky and 30 frames for the terrestrial background and the captured details of comet tails is fascinating!


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